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MindsetGo empowers leaders, teams, and individuals to build confidence, develop the skills and embrace the mindset to create lasting habit and behavior change. We have supported over 5,000 executives with our relationship intelligence model that trains people to develop the skills to improve performance, motivate effectively, guide people to embrace and adapt to change, and grow the next generation of leaders. Through executive coaching, communication consulting, and leadership training, participants strengthen relationships, model behavior through situational awareness, and adapt to communication styles from diverse backgrounds and cultures.

Our methodology to support people in becoming more confident and effective communicators is based on three communication components: Developing and using emotional, communication, and multi-generational intelligence.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) has been proven to be the single most powerful thing you can do to advance your career, influence relationships, and get people to trust and believe in you and your vision. Emotions, more than any other contributing factor, are what motivates us to act. Learn to lead through self-awareness, self-control, and by connecting with and empowering others.

Communication Intelligence (CQ) enables us to navigate successfully with others. It can be cultivated in individuals, teams, and organizations. Activating this ability for powerful, courageous, and transformational conversations allows you to shape the mindsets and experiences people have at work.


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