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Foxrock Painting is the culmination of founder Jeff Haughton’s desire to bring a new level of work-ethic, fairness, expertise, professionalism and entrepreneurial spirit to the industry where his personal pride runs deepest.

Jeff is the son and grandson of painting contractors. He not only acquired the skills at an early age to earn a spot on the painting crew, but also had to learn quickly there is no middle ground when it comes to quality and reliability. When employees let his father down, he had to be the rock to deliver consistent quality. There was nowhere else to turn.These formative years taught Jeff about the nature of service, and instilled in him a sense of purpose to never disappoint. His swift rise in a financial services career is no coincidence; Jeff has been known to drive for hours in the wee hours of the morning to solve even the most minor client concern.

As a long-term owner of several rental properties, Jeff feels this same responsibility on behalf his tenants. He has always gone out of his way to provide a space where occupants can feel proud. Jeff has always handled the painting and beautification tasks himself, but when he must call upon other specialized contractors and they do not follow through, it eats at Jeff knowing poor service affects the tenant experience as well as his own.

Foxrock is a family run business. His wife, Kate oversees Foxrock marketing and operations, while his children Tyler and Molly are already mastering the same techniques Jeff learned as a youngster.

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